Buying a watch can be a hectic task when you get out in the market to look for the best timepiece that will compliment your personality and at the same time, remain in your financial reach. Moreover, understanding the technical terms like movements, materials and case sizes is important to make the best purchase based on your style, liking and personality that will ultimately define you.

When it comes to making a statement, to deliver an image through the timepiece you're wearing; you have to dwell upon some watch research to get your hands on the best watch that fits your personality.

For women, a watch is mostly worn as an accompaniment to other jewelry pieces, matching with the dress or the certain theme they carrying that moment. As the watch is the only jewelry, they wear so it's the basic pillar and the epitome of their look. While for men what matters is why you selected it among other pieces and what statement you want to make or deliver.

When you're buying a watch, you've to know the detailed information about the piece you're buying, and you've to select it technically by knowing every detail of every brand and watch types as well.  If you want to purchase with confidence, you need to know about movements, materials, styles, case sizes and features. This is why we’ve prepared this detailed Buying Watch Guide.


Movement is basically a way the watch works. It's a big debate when watch lovers talk about movements and which is the best, but it's a matter of choices and personal likings at the end of the day. There are two types of movements in the watches Mechanical and Quartz. 

Mechanical (Automatic):
Most collectors prefer and love mechanical watches because it represents the classic craftsmanship and refinement. Mechanical watches work mechanically through springs and gears inside. No batteries needed. A balance wheel, rotor, and a lot and a bunch of springs and gears in between permit these mechanical machines to run without batteries or power. The two types of mechanical watches are Manual or Automatic.

A manual mechanical watch is an old school, and you've to wind it every time to make it work. It uses a spring that is wound by hand, using a button on the watch's side. An automatic or self-winding watch works on the energy produced by your hands when you move them and swing them at your workplace or anywhere any time of the day.

Most luxury watches use chronograph mechanism. It's the combination of a stopwatch and a display watch. An essential chronograph has an autonomous range second hand and brief sub-dial; it tends to be begun, halted, and got back to zero by progressive tension on the stem. 

It is the most accurate type of movement and the source of energy for Quartz watches is the battery.  The quartz movement was originally introduced by Seiko in around 60 years ago.

When we talk about what a watch is made up of, our mind comes up with many questions i-e what should I know? Which brand is better in-built quality? Is this watch durable or long-lasting? etc. Let's dig into it. 

The Crystal:
The crystal used to protect the dial of the watch from any damage or external strain or stress. It consists mainly of three types: Acrylic, mineral and sapphire crystal. 

  • Acrylics are synthetic plastic crystals.
  • The mineral is more rigid than acrylic and commonly used. Mineral glass is designed to get heat and any chemical reaction, but it can be cracked or shattered in severe conditions.
  • Sapphire is the superior quality and unbreakable. It is found in almost every watch that will cost you more than $500 and renowned brands including Rolex, Tag Heuer and Omega use Sapphire in their watches. 

Strap is one of the major key features if someone wants to be looked classy or sporty or rich. It is up to the choice of the wearer and owner that which type he prefers. Strap type includes Bracelet, strap, Stainless steel, Rose gold, gold plated and precious metal. Bracelets are provided with a shiny lock on both ends and make the look more casual and easygoing. They can be resized by adding or removing links as per liking. Bracelets variety includes Leather bracelets, rubber bracelets, and plastic bracelets.

Rubber straps are mostly used in the sports watches to keep the look fresh and sporty.

Stainless steel is the most commonly used strap that never tarnishes, and that's why it's the best choice of most watch lovers. If you're looking for something durable and long-lasting, then stainless steel should be your priority. Rose-gold distinguishes a classy look among others representing certain norms in a more presentable way and one of the members in the watches straps category.

Gold is used to put an impression of luxury with an affordable price tag at the same time. Sort of gold jewelry we can say.  Precious metals are the pure investment to stand out of the crowd in certain occasions as it includes solid gold, pure silver or platinum hence makes an impressive statement for the owner every time one's wear it.


Analogue: An analogue watch ordinarily comprises a component that makes the "ticking" movement and moves the seconds, hours, and minutes hands simultaneously. The hour hand is more limited than the minutes, and the second's hand is the slenderer and the longest hand on the dial. It has fixed mathematical or hour markers in the right request, towards which the hands call attention to show the time.

These numbers can be in various structures. They can be Arabic numeral or Roman numbers. Additionally, to make things less complicated and add innovativeness, a few dials don't have all the hour markers. Some have the 12, 3, 6 and 9 digits checked. Between these hour markers are the moment markers. They are relatively a lot more modest in size and are typical as lists. 

Digital Watch:

Digital watches use displays to show the time and they use batteries or any electric force source as a power source.

Water Resistance:

Water-resistance is a feature that is mostly misjudged. At the same time, 30m of water resistance may seem as though a ton, indeed, a watch with such a rating would be sprinkle confirmation. Water-resistance is estimated in static conditions, which means on the off chance that you are moving the watch through water, it could be presented or exposed to far greater degrees of water pressure, compromising the water seals. Water-resistance is measured in meters or ATM (airs).

Buying a watch by brand

Brand tag holds a significant importance when it comes to the main priorities of buying a watch. Every brand has its own look and feel on hand and the theme and essence it delivers to the viewers. It portrays one’s status, lifestyle, choices and values. You should prefer high quality and reasonable price offering brands when it comes to day to day use of a watch. It will give you durability, longevity and a good value for money. If you’re looking for an investment and planning to re-sell in future, then go for big brands and specifically the pieces who’s worth increases day by day. If you’re buying a watch as a family heirloom, then select an exquisite brand that delivers unique craftsmanship. Something that can make a heritage statement and beholds the culture you want to pass to your generations.

Any function in a watch other than the display of the time is complication. You should understand it all in order to get yourself a best watch as per your liking and priorities. Types of complications are

Date Complications
It is the display of the date in the watch. Display of date in watches are of four types
Date window
It presents itself as an aperture. It is also known as Casino date display 

Pointer date
It utilizes a hand that focuses to the day of the month around the outside of the dial. It is also known as Banker’s date.

Big date
It display the date in a much larger view and more visible than the date window view.

Subsidiary Dial: It Displays the date on a small sub dial
Other date displays includes day date, triple calendar, annual calendar and equation of time.

Chronograph complications
It is single button chronograph. The contrast between a one and two button chronograph is that the one button model can't gauge interrupted time intervals.

It is two button chronograph watch specially engineered so that when a second button is pushed while the chronograph is running, all the counters reset and immediately start again from zero.

If a chronograph watch has three pushers on the case it, we can all it Rattrpantee so its easy to identify one.

A tachymeter is on the bezel of a watch and can quantify speed dependent on time travelled over a fixed distance. The permits the change of passed the time, in seconds per unit, to speed in units every hour. The tachymeter measure and scale times from roughly 7 seconds to 60 seconds. Tachymeter is really useful for competitions and training when we talk about sports.

Dual time Zone Complications
It helps us to see the time according to other time zones when required.

Dual movement
A dual movement watch contains two separate moments, each set independently and runs on their own power source accordingly.

Dual time
The two displays are powered by a similar movement in dual time watches.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
GMT displays two or more time zones.

World time zone
A world clock includes an inward bezel showing 24 world cities, each addressing an alternate time zone. Close to this is a 24-hour ring that does one full revolution daily. The watch owner sets the time-region bezel to adjust their home time region with the right hour of the day on the 24-hour ring.

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